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Thursday 17 May 2012

Hey Presto

When we set about having Yarwood built we decided that we wanted to have a 'man-sized' diesel generator that would be low revving (quiet) and cocooned, (quiet) and have a hospital silencer (quiet) that would provide all our power requirements as and when we wanted them.
We had fitted a Beta 7.2kva genny which has happily charged our battery bank and disturbed no one.  However, from day one we have had some difficulty in getting the tumble dryer to work as we anticipated i.e. switch on genny, switch on tumble dryer and hey presto, dry clothes!  Today, Sam of Foxton Boat Services came out to us on behalf of Beta Marine and fixed things so that we can now, switch on genny, switch on tumble dryer and hey presto...

One happy boater with dry clothes.

Sam the man and his van


  1. Im intrigued, what was the problem. The tumble dryer wouldnt work when we were on shore power at Yardley Gobion but has been working fine since we left and it is powered by the travel power.

  2. Hi Paul
    Sam, of Foxton Boat Services, simply turned down the engine revvs which adjusted the frequency and that did the trick. The Beta genny has run the dishwasher and washing machine and all the smaller appliances but the frequency modulation was not accepatable to the tumble dryer apparently. all is well now though..yippee do da


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