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Friday 4 May 2012

Elf and what...?

After our Good Samaritan, Roy of the Environment Agency, had delivered a fresh water supply to both Yarwood and Matilda Rose we togged ourselves up in full wet gear, dogs in harnesses or buoyancy aids, and set off across the water meadows towards the village of Castor (pronounced Carstor) where we had a date with a pint and a pub lunch.

Our destination was the Prince of Wales Feathers, a Free House, a real ale house and a dog friendly establishment no less.   The other pub in Castor, The Royal Oak, is also very pleasant, and dog friendly, but only when they are not serving food....
..which left Jill and I rather confused the other day.
So, if we were to set out for a walk with the four dogs, planning a pit stop at The Royal Oak and find that another customer had ordered a cheese sandwich  we would no longer be welcome, or, we could be sitting in the bar with dogs when someone comes in and wants Pie and chips, do we then get turfed out?

When we politely enquired of the Landlady of The Royal Oak the why-and-wherefore of this prohibition we were told 'Health and Safety, sorry nothing to be done about it, that's the rules..'


But, a couple of hundred yards further along the same village street is another Pub, a competitor no less, who is also serving food AND allowing dogs in...as do no end of other pubs across the Country.

I asked the Landlord of this other pub, the  Prince of Wales Feathers, about this and he clearly stated that the Health and Hygiene rules prohibits animals being in the food preparation areas but there is no prohibition in dining areas. That explains why so many pubs serving food also allow customers to bring in their dogs.
Don't get me wrong, if a Landlord doesn't want to admit dogs that is entirely up to them, it's their prerogative, it's their business, it's their customers after all...


either they are genuinely confused about the regulations which is a shame because they could be losing business or they are deliberately misinterpreting them...

You might guess where our custom will go..


  1. The health and safety rules about dogs are very clear, so it vexing when landlords say that dogs can't be in areas where food is being eaten. As you say, it's a great way of losing business!

    Reminds me of the country canalside pub that had a notice on the door saying "no dogs or muddy boots" - amazing that it gets any custom really :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. I might have a root around the Food Standards Agency website to see if I can find the definitive answer there again, thinks, would I want to lose a day or two in there?



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