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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Lodes End to March

Yesterday we stayed moored up on the Lodes End lock landing; with no boats about and certainly no boats wanting to drop down through the lock we were not in any body's way. 
As we had filled our water tank on Monday we set about the domestic chores of getting the bedding and towels laundered and dried.  Usually the tumble dryer does the drying but a warm day had me rummaging in the hold for the airer; the accursed airer as far as Himself is concerned as it gets in HIS way when HE wants something in the hold - and apparently it is MINE so therefore not required..

 Twankey does wash day 

 Moored at Lodes end

This morning we pulled pins at 8.40 and retraced our 'steps' towards Benwick and Angle Corner before turning right towards March.

 Approaching the low White Fen Farm bridge - this is the bridge that stopped NB Matilda Rose (MR)from joining us on Saturday last, they couldn't get MR underneath.

 Our exhaust just touches...

 Approaching Angle Corner, a WW2 pill box overlooks the junction

Angle Bridge

 Crossing the Greenwich Meridian - not quite as exotic as the Equator but...
 Passing Floods Ferry, home of NB Harnser

 Wide and clear and teeming with fish, the banks coated with cow parsley, rape and sedge
 Heading into March past gardens and moorings

 This Dutch style house has a date of 1690 above the front door

Moored at the service point

 Our first point of call is the service block at March where I got the broom and swept up the broken glass scattered about the place.  This sadly has a notice saying that the pump-out and elsen point has been withdrawn because it is beyond economic repair.  That leaves NO provision for sewage disposal across the Middle Levels unless you go into a marina.  Perhaps the Middle Level Commissioners should consider charging boaters a small licence fee and use the income to increase the moorings and facilities on their waterways?

Moored up on the March Town moorings

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