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Thursday, 4 April 2013

And ten and a half months later...

I took full advantage of our prolonged stay at March by leaving Joe to his own devices, and a list of chores for him to attend to, and heading off to Essex with the dogs to see my Mother.   I returned on Bank Holiday Monday, exhausted as usual from the Essex run, and just headed for bed.  
Tuesday Joe returned our car to storage, I called the River Inspectors for the R.Nene and then booked our slot to lock up on to the Nene from the Middle levels.   As soon as Joe got back to March we were off...
It took 5 hours to get to Stanground where we moored overnight on the lock landing so we were ready for Tina, the Lock keeper, at 9am sharp the next morning. 

 Making our way out of March
 Waving farewell to Jill and Graham on Matilda Rose
 Making slow, or so slow, progress towards Whittlesey
 Yarwood on the lock landing at Ashline Lock Whittlesey
 Hanging on for grim death
 Overnight mooring at Stanground lock mooring- special permission granted as we were going through on Wednesday morning early.
 Ten and half months after we left the River Nene for the Middle Levels and River Great Ouse we are back....at last.  I can't tell you how good that feels to be on the move agaqin is wonderful!

Moored on the River Nene


  1. Hooray! You've been very patient. Enjoy your new found freedom.
    Thought you might have still been there when we find our way down the drains in a few months!
    Hope to see you again soon.

    1. Hi Taceters
      I am sure you will love it out here when you arrive but for us enough is enough.....for this year anyway!

  2. Congratulations! I can imagine how great that is. We are very pleased for you. We have often thought about you (and Matilda Rose) and your enforced circumstances. Let's hope the Nene isn't unkind to you. Our fingers are crossed - makes drinking my whisky difficult though. :-)
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Thanks Kath
      I saw the water on Herbie...wise girl sticking to the amber nectar...

  3. Phew, at last!

    Welcome back you two.

    I have been racking my brain.. Where are you moored????

    1. Hi Sue
      We were moored alongside the rough ground having turned right on to Nene. Good spot for the dogs. We will be thinking of you on Sunday!


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