Thursday, 18 April 2013

Walking in circles

Norman and Leah on Canal World Forum asked that I take a picture of Fox's Gate...and here it is in all its glory.  A bit of fence and bird feeders in the hedgerow but the lovely moorings along this stretch, between bridge 100 and 101 are generally known as Fox's Gate.

 Bridge 100 sadly in need of some TLC
Today the wind has again been blowing a hoolley but with the addition of heavy rain showers. We have stayed put instead of moving off to turn Yarwood and paint the other side of the boat though tomorrow we WILL move come rain or shine.
After lunch, and a dose of The Daily Politics programme on BBC2, I left Joe wiring things up, the back cabin looking more like a shed with tools spread everywhere.  I took the boys out for some exploration.  I had done a walk yesterday that I vaguely remember doing with Jill and her dogs, Baxter and Muttley and that must have been three or more years ago, and today, another walk that came back to me from the same time.
We left  the canal and headed up a track towards the village of Flecknoe
 The Flecknoe village inn, The Olive Bush. We passed by, yes really, no stopping for a pint..

 The Old Post Office Flecknoe
 The Manor House with its sacrifice to window tax, a bricked up window.  I don't understand why didn't they reopen these windows when the tax was rescinded?
With Flecknoe behind us we set off across fields of ewes with their new lambs and then fields of sprouting cereal crops towards Wolfhamcote.

 There were a lot of lambs in little black numbers
The abandoned church of St. Peter at Wolfhamcote which sits beside the remains of a medieval village long since abandoned.
From Wolfhamcote it is only a short walk back towards the canal, Yarwood, a tidy back cabin and a cup of tea!


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose18 April 2013 at 21:55

    I don't think we ever went in that pub did we? I don't think it opened during the day.
    I was thinking of you and the boys today as we walked the Elton Estate

    1. You're kidding Jill, of course we went in. It was a Sunday and they were serving lunch. The men never got to sample it asit was too far to walk for them.
      Reading NP and MR blogs of late
      I too am recalling walks we have taken, happy memories!

  2. Thanks for the piccie of foxes gate,it's changed a bit in 10years,unlike us .Norman


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