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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Yarwood's slipped...Oops

Sunday late afternoon we headed from Hillmorton into Braunston in readiness for Yarwood's date with a slipway and a bucket of bitumen.  We moored up behind Parisien Star and managed to speak briefly to  Ellie and Mick as we went off the next morning to get Yarwood up the ditch to Braunston Boats slipway.
Getting 66 foot of Yarwood into position ready to come up the slipway was interesting as there was a stiff breeze blowing and things were a mite tight.  Anyway, it got done and a bit later Roger and Justin turned up to do the final preparations and get Yarwood safely out of the water.

 Joe, Roger and Justin hauling 24 ton of boat into position so that the slipway dollies will go under her baseplate.
 Getting there
 She's on and coming up

 Supervising the operation obviously!
 Justin starts the jet washing
 Justin finishes the jet washing

 And starts the blacking


  1. Floyd seems to be taking his supervision task very seriously, judging by the look on his face!
    Abby :-)

  2. Please excuse another question from a non-narrow boat boater...

    Is the purpose of the bitumen to prevent corrosion? Or is it aesthetic?

    Do you black the actual bottom of the boat too (I can't see how that could be done while on the dolly).

    If the purpose is anti-corrosion, how is the bottom protected?


    s/v Eolian

    1. Hi Bob,
      The blacking is to protect the boat from corrosion and is also aesthetic and traditional. As for the base plate, this generally not treated although there is one boat yard that does provide this service but your boat needs to be craned for that to be done. I believe the perceived wisdom re the base plate is that blacking would be scrapped off anyway so why bother? Yarwood's baseplate (15mm) had barely any rust on it after 16 months
      in the water.
      Good to hear from you again

    2. Oh... yeah, that's right - its fresh water.



    3. Oh, I've been here all along, Lesley. I read everything you put up...

      s/v Eolian


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