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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Time to face us again...

Alerted to the fact that our friends Sarah, aka Greygirl, and Andy were due to visit  Braunston with 'bits' for their diminutive narrowboat Henry H, we made contact across the ether and arranged a meet.   We haven't seen each other since last summer when on a visit to Nb's Yarwood, Matilda Rose and No Problem Sarah and Andy's accompanying two greyhounds had an 'unfortunate incident' with the congregation's lunch, i.e., the dogs stole the lot! 
They have been keeping a low profile since this uber embarrassment but it was time to face us again...
Leaving Yarwood out at Fox's Gate moorings we walked into Braunston with the dogs and found Sarah and Andy discussing progress on the fit out of Henry H with Phil Abbott of Wharfhouse Narrowboats.  Joe and I then formed a boarding party and had a good look around at progress so far and it is very impressive.  Henry H is only 40ft long, a Dave Thomas hull to provide a home for the lovely Gardner engine!  Our review completed we then retired to The Admiral Lord Nelson and sat in the sunshine, along with a lot of others enjoying the weather and the location by the canal, and had lunch together, catching up on each others news and plans.   A lovely few hours spent together before we wandered back to Yarwood and they returned to East Anglia and their home.

L-R Joe, Andy and Sarah (Greygirl)

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