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Wednesday 17 April 2013

He's been a busy Boy!

Here we are out at Foxes Gate just outside Braunston and moored up with the explicit purpose of getting some tidying up done ahead of Yarwood's blacking.   As already mentioned in a previous post the gunwales have taken a bashing over the last year; so first job, scrub the gunwales with soapy water and then mask up ready for a coat of raddle paint. 

 Scuffed and scratched gunwales
 My husband, the scrubber!
 Repainted gunwales no less
 Next job, mask the deck gunwale with frog tape in readiness for an initial coat of bitumen

Still masking
 Job done!

And while Joe was painting there came a blast of boat horn...The Herbies , Kath and Neil, were  passing, no time to slow down or stop as they were fighting 30 mph gusts of wind and lining up for what turned out to be a sideways pass through the next bridge...
There they go..brave folks!

Paint lined up on the steerer step in the back cabin ready for tomorrow's episode

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