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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Another job jobbed

Yesterday Yarwood had her first coat of bitumen and was left to dry overnight.  This morning early either someone was trying to tunnel into the boat or it was Justin applying a second coat of the black stuff while I was still in bed. When I emerged at 8.45 to take the dogs for a walk Justin was making steady progress along Yarwood's port side.

While we were here at Braunston Boats we also had another little job dealt with.  The two holes you see below are in the side of the boat and they did have two 'skin fittings' that vented the waste water from the galley sink and the waste water from the dishwasher.  The thing is that skin fittings can be vulnerable to being ripped off apparently and these two skin fittings were a bit close to the water line and we risked a flooded boat should the worst happen.

 Skin fittings ground away...ex - skin fittings
 Solution, two bits of galvanised pipe...
 These are pushed back into the boat, and welded into position.  The pipe comes out in the under-sink cupboard where it is connected to the appropriate wastes
 Justin welding the pipes in place
 Welded, ground back and ready for a coat of bitumen
Joe then re-plumbed the sink and dishwasher wastes to the new pipes, using two jubilee clips for each waste/pipe and ensuring that are as safe from the risk of flooding.
That's another job jobbed as my old Grandma would say!

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