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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Escape day four

We awoke to the braying of an alarm again yesterday morning, it was six o'clock and time to be up and about our preparations for another early start - off at 7.30 sharp we were soon through the infamous Irthlingborough bridge and on to our first lock at Higham.  On this stretch of the river the locks were coming up more frequently as we head upstream towards Northampton.  Text messages had been flying back and forth between Amy and James on MB. Willow and us; we are heading upstream whilst they are going down with their new boat Willow.  Sure enough, as we got both boats into our next lock at Ditchford and were closing the lower gate Willow came into view.  We had a wee chance to talk and Amy gave me a hurried viewing of their new boat and the project which will be fitting it out ( We look forward to following their progress on their blog) before we were off again. 

MB Willow

 Amy manning the lock gate
 We are off leaving Willow the now empty lock
 A hurried shot of James as he moves off with Willow
 Steph and Midge our current travelling companions on NB Witchboy
 Yarwood moored upstream of Clifford Hill lock, only one more to do before stopping for the day

 That's it, our last lock of the day Weston Favell.

Tunnel lamp fitted and tested ready for our imminent return to canal land
We reversed into the moorings at Weston Favell, had lunch, by now it was 3pm, showered, walked the dogs and then slobbed for a couple of hours.  Yesterday we covered thirteen locks and fourteen and a half miles, I managed left my navigation keys in a control box at Ditchford, recovered by Amy and the lock gadget thing I mislaid the day before was also found by Amy; a result I'd say!
Joe has prepped my bicycle ready for use today on the Northampton flight, I have prepared a shopping list for a flying visit to Morrisons.  Gayton here we come!


  1. I remember Stephen. She was moored a few boats down from us when we were moored at Ramsey. Douglas the she will remember us but sure she'll remember Rupert & Teddy. Say hi

  2. Hi Kevin
    I passed on your message and you were right, she remembered the dogs! I won't forget you and Debbie though..
    Have a great time in France when you get there!!
    X Lesley


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