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Thursday, 22 August 2013

A taste of Nottingham City

We have been enjoying an extended stay in the city of Nottingham...and spending too much money to boot. 
On our first day in the City Joe went walk-about and I rested up recovering from a hectic few days that had taken their toil on my energy levels; time was  needed to recharge the batteries.
On our second day in the city I went walk about and sight seeing and then met Joe and the dogs at the famous Old Trip to Jerusalem Inn.
Here is a taster.

 The 1930's canalside grade 2 listed warehouse in British Waterways livery
 The remains of a wharf that now fronts the new Magistrates Courts
 Fellows Morton and Clayton Brewhouse (1891) now a pub-restaurant
 A Nottingham tram.  A new tramway system was opened in 2004 at a cost of £200m and it covers 14km with 23 stops

A medieval merchants house formerly owned by John and James Severn Wine Merchants 1735 and now known as Severner

Robin Hood

 The Nottingham Castle bailey gate
 Ratcliffe power station from the castle mound Nottingham
 Nottingham Castle 1649 version, sitting on a sandstone bluff
 The Old trip to Jerusalem Inn c1189 and built into the sandstone below the castle.  Real ale drinkers, if you have ever enjoyed a pint of Old Trip.. this be where the name comes from.

 A view from the top
 Here be the Revenue Men...HM Inspector of Taxes resides here.  You can just make out the 'window cleaners' on the roof..
Extreme sport high level window cleaning

Pickfords former warehouse next to the canal


  1. Hi,

    Just passed you on the River Trent - enjoy the T & M.

    NB Mary H


  2. Hi Linda
    I did not see you or I would have shouted a hello and demanded to see Muffin!
    Thanks for the good wishes....we are off to Barton Turns for next weekend and a date with an Enterprise hire car for a week seeing family...Oh, and going to a beer festival


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