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Wednesday 7 August 2013


This morning I took a ride out to Battlesbridge which is a village on the banks of the tidal R. Crouch in Essex.  Formerly a centre of  a flour milling operation, with a tidal mill and a steam driven mill and a large granary operating close to the bridge.  The area is now a  centre for antiques and curios and is busy and thriving in its new guise.

 The former tidal mill
 The tidal flood gates
 The imposing Victorian Granary  now housing a myriad of antique outlets
 The R Crouch, once a bustling centre of boating delivering grain for milling and transporting away the finished flour to market
 There be Mother on the prowl
 And my prize, a small copper kettle for Yarwood's back cabin

I managed to buy this kettle and a selection of horse brasses and I am currently trying to get Mother to clean them but so far no joy at all...who'd 'ave 'em?

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