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Monday, 19 August 2013

Looking for the Sheriff

Last night's mooring just below Beeston lock was fine and quiet.  Arriving on a sunny Sunday, as we did,  things were a bit busy with sightseers, anglers, cyclists,  joggers and walkers all milling about but as the sun set they all went home and left us to the peace of the ditch. 
The Nicholson's Waterway Guide doesn't show many moorings along this stretch of the waterway so we did the 'bird in the hand' option and grabbed the first available one we came across.  As we set off to travel the Beeston Cut into Nottingham this morning however we came across no end of moorings that the guide book had been discreet about!   This is new waters for us so we are relying on the guide rather than experience.

 Last nights mooring at Beeston

 Yarwood progressing along the cut towards Nottingham


Moored in Nottingham and about to go looking for this Sheriff chappie

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