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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Gone South

Monday morning I got the bus from Foxton village to Market Harborough rail station where I caught a train into London St. Pancras.  A quick hike around to Kings Cross underground and a new style (new to me anyway) underground train to Aldgate East.  The new carriages are just SO open, like giant bendy-buses where you can see from one end to the other. 
I managed to get a bit lost at Aldgate East - who changed London when my back was turned?  - so a quick tour of E1 before tracking down Fenchurch Street station and catching my connection to Essex.

 The Oh so open underground carriages - an Olympic bonus perhaps?
I have left the dogs supervising Joe as he applies a coat of varnish to the back cabin and refurbishes the paint in the engine room.    I simply cannot be about when any paint fumes are present because my skin reacts big time and instead of being just a wrinkly old B* I am transformed into a red, bloated, shut-eyed wrinkly old B* ; something to be missed if at all possible.   So I have taken the opportunity to visit Mother and left them to it on Yarwood.
I picked up a hire car from Enterprise today so at least I can make myself useful ferrying Mum about getting some things done for her; today the library and the bank, tomorrow the world!
My temporary red wheels


  1. Why didn't you just get on the circle line right to Fenchurch St... are you missing your daily hikes already?!
    Looks like you've got the Reasonably Priced Car off've Top Gear. Does that make you the star?!
    Abby x
    PS just remembered you hate Clarkson and will have no idea what I mean... other TG fans will...

    1. Hi Abby
      The first train in was the Metropolitan line and in all the years I worked in London where I would get off at Tower Hill or Aldgate Or Aldgate East for Fenchurch St. I just got on the train.
      The car is a Vauxhall Astra TD17 and probably NOT reasonably priced so I miss out on the TG star status on more than one count and I used to be an avid viewer of Top Gear but I simply got bored with the same old, same old format. As for Clarkson, the same applies, funny once, or twice, now stale as dry bread but of less use! Other than that, great programme and fascinating presenters..
      X Lesley


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