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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kilby Bridge to Aylestone

We left Kilby Bridge on Monday morning at 8am with What a Lark pulling across the cut for water before the off.   We were heading for Aylestone and moorings just below Kings lock.  For Joe and I it has been a trip down memory lane because the only time we have been this way was on our very first trip out in our former boat, Caxton in the company of Jill and Graham on Nb Matilda Rose and that was almost five years ago.  On that occasion it was December/Jan and we were breaking through ice and dodging around the BW Winter stoppage programme.

What a Lark on its early morning watering chore
And he's off

At the first lock of the day we came across a Father and Son crew taking their boat to Pillings Lock, and we followed them all the way the Kings lock and had to reverse every single lock.  There was no traffic coming in our direction in fact things are very quiet on these waters.  We soon got into a nice rhythm, with me going ahead and setting the locks and Lisa and daughter Verity seeing the two boats through.


David and Joe
Double locks with the requisite number of boats, i.e. two, are just soooo much easier.
Once through Kings Lock we moored up and throughout the rest of the afternoon were joined by a number of other boats until all the available spaces were taken.  The plan the next day was to slip into Leicester and  spend most of the day sightseeing, and shopping and maybe a curry in the evening...


  1. As long as Fletcher doesn't repeat his trip down memory lane!!!
    What length is What A Lark - she looks enormous?
    Jill, Matilda Rose

  2. Ah Jill, Limekiln lock.
    We went through it today and I was telling Lisa about Fletcher falling into an ice filled lock...and the subsequent rescue operation!

    WaL is a 70' boat.


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