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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weston to Willington

We have been following the Fast Diet now for best part of ten months and yesterday was a fast day, or 'skinny day' as they have become known.  As we  always find it easier to ignore the lack of food if we are busy and active we decided to move again and set off at 7.40 towards Willington.  It was a cracking autumnal morning with a fine coating of dew on the boat and just a shady mist enveloping everything.
 Leaving Weston the dogs and I walking and..
 Himself bringing up the rear

 Misty reflections
 The sun soon saw off the mist and we were blessed with a stunning day and a lovely walk along the Trent and Mersey canal.

 Lots of harvesting still to be done

 Joe waiting for another boat to join him in Swarkestone lock for a lift of 10' 11"

 Exiting Swarkestone Lock
 Does it get any better?

Gates that don't open fully 
Stenson lock where the two bottom gates wouldn't open fully... so getting into the lock is okay providing you are sharing with a short boat that allows you to manoeuvre into position.
Moored in Willington on the 48hr visitor moorings
The cruise/walk today, eight miles and two locks.


  1. Some fabulous photos Lesley. The T and M looks very pretty. I badly need a NB fix but back to work on Monday. Hey Ho!

    David has yet to harvest his oats - they are not quite ready. Max starts Welbeck on Weds so back on the Skinny Days we will go too! It is a bit hit and miss when there is a hungry youth about.

  2. Hi Amanda
    Good to hear from you. The advantage with The Fast Diet is that it just fits in with your life - we don't do fast days on holiday and we change days to suit what we are doing. Next week we are away visiting family so no fasting but we will pick it up again when we get back.

    Best wishes to Max and the new stage of his life at Welford..remind him about my Stealth boat...
    XX Lesley


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