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Friday, 23 August 2013

Tramping Nottingham

We have enjoyed a four night/day stay in Nottingham and as well as a bit of retail rambling I have been out and about exploring with the dogs.  On Wednesday I walked the boys along the towpath of the Beeston and then Nottingham canals towards the R.Trent.   We were moored in the heart of the city  about a mile, mile an a half from the river.

 Meadow Lane lock leading up on to the Nottingham canal from the R. Trent
 Trent Bridge
 Embankment moorings in front of County Hall
 A very impressive and ornate War Memorial over looking the R. Trent
 Commemorating those of Nottingham who gave their lives in wars 
We walked along the river embankment which gave the dogs a chance of a cooling swim before wending our way back through housing and retail estates until we regained the boat. 
Looking on Memory Map for an alternative walk on Thursday I came across mention of a deer park at Wollaton Park which looked inviting so we set off to find this green oasis. 

Wollaton Hall, an Elizabethan Renaissance pile completed in 1588 (the year of the ill fated Spanish Armada) for a Sir Francis Willoughby, mine owner.
 The house was open to the great unwashed, which qualified me,  but as I had the dogs with me we were excluded from the chance to rootle around with the masses.

 But the park was ours to explore
 And the deer were posing


  1. For

    For sure every time I use memory map to look for a walk I am often amazed as to where it takes me.

    Memory Map is like sliced bread, and the little red circle on the phone makes sure you never get lost!

    I love Nottingham, just the last time I was there it was white with snow and blowing a hooly.. Maybe next time ;-)

  2. I love the little red dot on my phone....thanks to you!
    We have enjoyed Nottingham though the cyclists are a pain in the arse at times..most of the time.
    X Lesley


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