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Friday, 30 August 2013

Waiting in Willington

Arriving in Willington on Tuesday gave me the opportunity to jump on a train into Burton-on-Trent and visit Specsavers.  I had dropped my prescription sunglasses in the lock immediately before Leicester, managed to get a last minute eye test in Loughborough a couple of days later but didn't have time to wait around for two weeks to get anything made up...until now that is.   As we are planning to moor Yarwood at Barton Turns Marina for a week so we can go off and visit family it puts me in the Burton area over a two week period so a flying visit into Town to get glasses selected and ordered was doable.  Having got the train in I got the bus out as it saved a tramp back out to the rail station and a long wait for an infrequent rail service. 

On Wednesday we had arranged to meet up with Geoff and Mags of Nb. Seyella as they flew through to Mercia Marina to get their replacement inverter.  We blockaded the canal and forced them to pull in and share a cuppa with us. We haven't seen each other for almost two years so it was good to catch up and we also got the chance to view the newly liveried Seyella and VERY VERY smart it is too!

 Geoff and Mags and the new look Nb.Seyella
 Cake and tea, how civilised..
Geoff and Mags
 Geoff and Mags dog Meg...making herself at home
 Off they go for a date with Midland Chandlers and a new inverter
As soon as our visitors had left us we pulled across the cut and serviced Yarwood and then moved out into the countryside for a couple of peaceful, relatively peaceful, nights away from railway lines and the traffic noise that blight Willington a bit.
Nobby no mates

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