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Monday, 12 August 2013

Foxton to Kilby Bridge

I got back from my visit to Essex on Saturday afternoon and managed to get all the provisions we needed from the Foxton Village shop, which is a really good village store should you be in these parts, thus saving us a trip into Market Harborough.

On Sunday morning we pulled pins and headed off to service the boat and meet up with Lisa and David of Nb. What a Lark at Debdale Marina.  We suffered a brief delay with a malfunctioning swing bridge at Foxton, (gnash, gnash) the only contact telephone number being a 0800 number; why the fault reporting should be by a premium rate number is anybodies guess?    Anyway, we  got through with the assistance of the local farmer and his knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of this bridge and managed to link up with the What a Lark crew at Debdale.
Lisa a David had arrived at their boat on Saturday evening and spotting that we were in the area had suggested that we join forces for the double locks between Foxton and Sawley -  smart thinkers.

 What a Lark awaiting our delayed arrival at Debdale Marina
 The entrance to Saddington Tunnel just north of Debdale
 Yarwood approaching Saddington Tunnel
 Arriving at the other side having 'gone over the top' to find that the towpath had collapsed and a wee diversion was necessary...
 Time for a gas

 David on What a Lark leads off from a lock, Yarwood behind

That would be Me then..
 Lisa who tries out my new compact camera and insists that the photo is published
Moored together at Kilby Bridge last night
 Moorings were at a premium when we arrived a Kilby Bridge yesterday afternoon.  There were a number of anglers on the 14 day moorings and they were NOT going to shift a wee bit for a boat to moor so we rafted up.  The C&RT lengthsman who wandered by later explained that it was first come, first serve, between anglers and moorers but the C&RT web site disagreed and gives boaters priority over anglers but obviously the communication of this policy gets lost somewhere along the way...
On Sunday evening we all piled into The Navigation Inn for a quiz night where we excelled ourselves...
but still lost.


  1. I think you need to exchange the camera or find a new operator!!!!
    New T-shirt, Joules?
    'tis only me, today I can't change the name/URL
    Jill xx

  2. No Jill, I need to find a new ME but that is not going to happen so I just don't look too closely anymore. Well spotted re the apparel yes, another Joules of course.

  3. Looking too skinny Lesley - stop with the diet now!!
    Pip xxx

    1. HI the Pipster
      I have got to 8st 2lb and stayed there for ages now so that seems to be the 'natural' weight for me. Still sticking to the 5:2 regime as it is so easy to do and apparenetly there are a myriad of other health benefits to had - awaiting the wrinkle-free skin but that seems elusive...
      X Lesley

    2. Unfortunately the thinner someone gets the more wrinkled they get!!!!

      We may well be following in your footsteps in a few weeks time, hoping to get to Barrow for a Beacon Boats meet on 7th Sept - left wrist allowing! Hope we can find someone to share the wide locks with, those Leicester locks are horrible!!! xxx


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