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Monday, 23 July 2012

500 yard stint..

 It looks like this pair of Great Crested Grebes have finally got shot of the first demanding brood.
The offspring are almost as big as the parents but follow them about shrilling demanding another meal whilst exhausted adults try to drive them away

Acres and acres of purple flowering potatoes - Maris Piper?

 Off this morning at 10.30, dogs walked and one side of the boat washed before pulling pins.  In the background Graham prepares to wind Nb. Matilda Rose and follow us.

 And that's where we are heading, all of 500 yards away

And here we be, rafted (breasted) up with Matilda Rose on the Five Miles from Anywhere Inn moorings.  This is a popular pub for boaters and non-boaters and having two 66' narrow boats taking a great stretch of mooring seems a trifle selfish so we have 'double parked' and left room for others.

We had lunch together out in the pub gardens, main course and desert for £7.50 which is very reasonable.  After lunch Jill and I took three of the four dogs, Baxter is getting older and finding extended walking not to his liking, for an exploratory tramp around Wicken Fen which is owned and managed by the National Trust.


  1. I have been cruising the canal sounds like a prison term. How long is your sentence?

    1. Hi Anon
      This 'sentence' will last until poor health or our demise drives us off the cut...life is extremely good out here and we are very fortunate to be enjoying it.


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