Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Whistle stop

Today Jill and I caught a train from Waterbeach  rail station into Cambridge.  The station is no more than a 15 Min's walk from our mooring, across a cow meadow and a bit of flood bank and we had arrived.  £2.60 return fare, 9 minutes journey time and we were in the city of Cambridge.  We walked into the city from the station, about a 20 minute walk and we were in the heart of Cambridge.  We had a wander and then got lunch at The Eagle, a former coaching inn and a favourite of the RAF and USAF air crews of world war 2.

 The Eagle

After lunch we had a quick sortie into Lloyds TSB to ask about banking options if/when we go continental and take the boats to France..
A few years away but definitely an option..

We then found the Tourist Office and booked a tour around the City aboard a Tour Bus, a whistle stop tour to get a feel/sense of the place..  We considered a walking tour but these only focus on two of the colleges, two hours being crammed about two colleges didn't appeal so the bus won out..

 So from the top of a bus, here is Cambridge..

To the left and centre, Kings College and Clare College to the right - thank you Amy

Over 3000 USAF personnel are buried here, victims of  WWII

 River Cam on the backs

 Punting on the Cam

 Jesus Lock Cambridge

Wonderful former pub doorway
The Bloom. a pub sign with a difference

Tomorrow we take the boats into Cambridge and have another look around this fascinating City...before Cam Conservancy price us all off the river..


  1. Nice :) and that's Kings College (with the spires) not Jesus, with Clare next door.

    1. Thanks Amy I have amended the post.


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