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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Weekend visitors

Quick catch-up or, where did the weekend go?

Thursday and Friday night we were moored on EA moorings at The Ship.  Thursday evening we were joined by Amy and James of NB Lucky Duck and John of Wb Pippin for a few drinks in the local hostelry - it would have been churlish not to frequent The Ship when we are on the doorstep so to speak.

Saturday morning we pulled pins and headed downstream to Denver as we planned to meet family there on Sunday.    A change of plan Sunday saw us don wet gear and head off towards Ely hoping and praying that there would be a mooring for us..there was, just the one and we did have to 'urge' a cruiser to shufty along a wee bit.

Our family in the form of Joe's daughter Abby and partner Wardy were staying overnight in The Lamb at Ely.  We joined them for a drink and then went to find somewhere for a meal and then it was drinks back at Yarwood.

On Monday morning, with the sun shining again, our visitors joined us for a cruise to the River Cam and the very welcoming Five Miles from Anywhere Inn at Upware.  Here we lunched and half way through the heavens opened yet again.    The rain had ceased by the time it came to leave but just in case, Abby and I stayed inside with the mutts while Joe and Wardy helmed the boat back to Ely.

 Joe has just winded (turned) Yarwood and is about to hand over the tiller to Wardy

 Your turn then..

 Wardy has found the 'accelerater'..

 Wardy 'in charge' all the way back to Ely

We arrived back in Ely needing to drop our visitors off and was there a mooring?  All the way round to the service point where James and Amy were watering Lucky Duck and there was just room to squeeze Yarwood in which we did with the gratefully received assistance of the Duckies.

Eys been boating and beating-up Abby so eys reel tired now..

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