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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Upware to Ely

We set off yesterday morning at 9 sharp, waving farewell to the cruiser crews that were already sitting out enjoying the early morning sunshine.  We were heading north into Ely to service the boats and then on to Littleport for a couple of days mooring.
We have a visit to March scheduled for Thursday but that will be by car, Nb Matilda Rose is picking up grandson Danian on Friday and we are expecting Joe's daughter Abby and partner John in Ely on Sunday.  So, for now we will be lingering here abouts but it will give us the opportunity to revisit the Lt. Ouse and see the R Wissey and the R Lark.

 Leaving The Five Miles Inn at Upware

 Following Nb Matilda Rose down the R. Cam

 The A1123 crosses the R. Cam

 Dutch barges moored at Popes Corner Marina

 Popes Corner, entrance to the Old West River and the route to Bedford

 Paddling bovines
 This elderly and neglected river cruiser is sunk at Little Thetford EA moorings, and apparently, has been so for nine months!

 The Ship of the Fens, Ely Cathedral

Breasted up in Ely watering the boats
When we got into Ely we couldn't get on to the service point - someone was awkwardly moored there from the previous night and hadn't yet pulled off.  The kind crew of Nb Epidanes invited us (Yarwood) to moor alongside so while Graham managed to wedge MR enough to pump-out we dragged the hoses along the bank and started filling our water tank.  As soon as MR's pump-out was completed he joined us and cleared the pump-out for another boat.

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