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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Poste haste parcel power

Here I am again, in Essex visiting Mater.  And here again Mater is to be found buried in parcels and packets addressed to Joe and myself.    Going to Mum's is too good an opportunity to miss when it comes to getting STUFF delivered.   On my last visit a month or so ago  I returned to Yarwood with cans of narrowboat paint from Rapid Paints ( no outlets in our current cruising area), deck tiles and tall engine exhaust, two sacks of dog food and a macro lens for my Nikon camera. 
This visit we have a water temperature gauge, more deck tiles (Joe's maths not being up to scratch on the last order...) a skin fitting , ( the last one went to the local tip in the discarded packaging owing to the fact that Himself failed to warn me to expect and therefore search for said skin fitting), a gas fired soldering iron - don't ask me...,  a bush hat for me, more deck paint and a case for my camera.
I was going to find a local camera retailer and buy a case for my big camera and on looking on line I found this Lowepro case that will take the attached zoom lens.

In Jessops, £49 and 20 miles away at their Lakeside branch
On Amazon, £28 and delivered tomorrow...

A no brainer wasn't it??

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