Sunday, 8 July 2012

Littleportlians now

Our visit to the R. Lark was rather short.  We awoke Friday morning to rain and an EA flood alert for the R. Lark and with visitors planned for Saturday, we decided to reverse back on to the Gt. Ouse and head for Littleport.  There was a bit of a delay in getting started as Graham had been busy cooking his engine and remedial action had to be taken or a new engine ordered.  Between Graham and Joe however they salvaged the situation and Graham put his credit card away..
In pouring rain we reversed the half mile back to the junction and headed downstream the short way to Littleport.  Once moored up we went for a pint in The Swan, conveniently situated by the riverside, and booked a table for Saturday lunch.

 Yarwood moored at Littleport

 The Swan at Littleport

 Our Saturday visitors, L-R John, Alan, Libby and Himself

and Valerie Ann - she may be saying something a bit rude to me...

And the Saturday lunch at the Swan; a bit disappointing really. 
 Starters at about a fiver, main courses a tenner generally.  For one  of our party their main course failed to turn up.  Waiting staff said it had been forgotten, kitchen staff said it had been dropped.  They hurriedly put together another meal which arrived when the rest of us had finished and it was very evident that the second attempt had been thrown together.   To be fair, we were not charged for this and that is a credit to them.
Staff were pleasant and friendly.
Food was just 'pub-grub' and heavily supported by chips.  I felt that given the location The Swan could do better with a bit more imagination and culinary skill this could be a great little eatery.


  1. We had a meal there one night and we won't be hurrying back. We ate there last year and it was very good.

    1. Now you have totally confused me Brian..

  2. I had one my worst ever evenings out in Littleport! Two of the pubs we'd been recommended had closed down, the atmosphere in the first open pub we found was positively threatening and we arrived at the Swan just after they'd stopped serving food! When we ordered a taxi to take us to one of the nearby village pubs one of the locals turned it away, telling the driver we'd got the train into Ely!

  3. Hi Lesley
    Q. On your post "Back to Ely" you said you took Grahams car to Ely from Lt Thetford. How near to the moorings can you get with a car?


    WB Cinnamon Girl

    1. Hi Andrew
      At Little Thetford we were perhaps a quarter of a mile away from the moorings, parking just by the railway crossing gates.
      In Ely we could look out of the boat and see the car, parking in the road that leads to the service block.


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