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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I hate HOODS

I hat hoods, or rather, I hate wearing a hood.  They are clumsy, one size fits all contraptions that don't cut it for me.  Yes they keep the rain off for the most part but they don't keep the rain off of my glasses or my face  so, in no time at all I can't see where I am going.  The damn things fall forward or backward, you turn your head and find yourself staring at an expanse of hood lining as you swivel inside the cursed things.

No, the perfect wet weather kit, for me at least, is the bush hat.   Dry face, dry glasses, dry neck!
I have just ordered a new one as my current attire is looking decidedly bruised and battered and scabby; bit like the owner really....

Rogue Suede hat Old Suede


  1. I am with you on the hood situation, I hate them with a passion, so always wear a hat when cruising.

  2. Lol... Sheena has been threatening to buy me one. I personally think they look ridiculous, but I accept that is my own opinion. :) the day I wear one of those, is the day I have to admit to myself that I'm middle aged. 'Benny Hats' for me. Because they offer allround visibility and dry out quickly.

  3. Hi Ken
    Well I have to admit that at 58 I am well and truly, middle-aged but who cares? I have an assortment of beanies and for dry weather they are perfect but in rain a bush hat wins out. It is ideal as it keeps the rain off of my specs and my face and also off the back of my neck.
    PS. Best wishes for Sumo!!

  4. We whistle the Indiana jones theme tune whenever we see them. Endless amusement. Easily pleased. Congratulations on your birthday, Lesley. On top of the sumo meds situation. But thanks for your concern. Hope your boys are well. Regards...

    1. Hi Ken
      When I hear that tune being whistled I will know who is approaching...
      All fine aboard Yarwood thanks
      take care


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