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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blog fest at Little Thetford and an 'Incident'

Here we all are at Little Thetford, the 'all' being Nb's Yarwood, No Problem and Matilda Rose.  We have had a very mixed bag of weather but we have still managed to eat outside everyday and between the three boats we have cobbled together some reasonable meals. 

Yesterday however, we had to 'cobble together' a completely different meal from that planned because we had 'AN INCIDENT!'  
Our numbers had been expanded when we received a very welcome visit from fellow boaters and bloggers, Greygal and Andy and two of their rescued greyhounds.  Eddie and Herbie, the two greyhounds, were faced with five strange dogs and a puppy to deal with and unsure of their reaction to this melange, they arrived muzzled.
(A half eaten puppy might have taken some explaining!) 
Daisy the cat, however, was tucked away safely aboard Nb.Matilda Rose and out of harms way.

And the result, perfect harmony, not a growl, not a snap nor a bark and the dogs behaved as well.  All the dogs lay about together and even Penny the puppy was tolerated. 
We had a super time together and bar one drop of rain the sun shown on our righteous gathering.

Now back to this  'Incident'.
I have invited a very special 'guest blogger', Greygal no less,  to explain what happened.  There may be an attempt to excuse, condone and even deny this mealtime calamity but the Editor ( that's ME) will ensure the truth outs..
So come on Greygal, where is your copy, our readership awaits...

L-R Matilda Rose, No Problem and Yarwood.

No Problem and Yarwood moored at Little Thetford


  1. Who took the muzzles off then? The other dogs to share the feast?
    My old St Bernard once ate our entire christmas cake, luckily she didn't smash the best bone china plate it was on. Next morning though OMG.......

  2. Well sussed Lisa. The full story will be fabricated by Greygal though...


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