Thursday, 12 July 2012

No waterproofs today

Joe here...
We set off on a leisurely cruise in the sunshine this morning and arrived at the Five Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn at around 11:00.

After getting securely moored on the nice well kept armco and concrete mooring, engine off etc. We decided that due to lack of mooring space and possibly lots of gongoozlers outside the pub on the benches,

we would scuttle off round the corner to Reach Lode. Yarwood is now about 4 feet from the bank and the breeze has run her aground with a 10 degree list.

Had a couple of pints and perused the menu which looks good and seeing what was being served the portions are ample. When we left, the moorings we had vacated had been taken over. I wonder why if moorings are not plentiful, cruisers feel the need to have a 10 foot gap between boats? Its not just here, they seem to do it everywhere.
Is osmosis infectious?


  1. Have you noticed on the EA moorings they never use the end post, always start mooring I post from each end.


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