Monday, 23 July 2012

Taking advantage

For those living south of the border down England way it seems our summer has arrived.  It might not be constant and faithful but whilst it is here we are taking full advantage.  Our lovely peaceful weekend mooring was bathed in the shiny stuff all day and Joe and Graham were busy all morning doing 'manly tasks' while the womenfolk were walking the dogs and preparing another lunch al fresco; Stilton stuffed mushrooms, dhal, burgers, sausages, potato wedges and loads of salad.

Graham has ripped out removed MR's wood burner and surround in preparation for a major refurbishment, Joe has completed the fitting of a new water temperature gauge and has been busy on folding chimney mark 3 - he won't allow photographs until it is completed and fully operational.

Today we move barely a quarter mile to the other side of the river and the opposite bank where we will have walking access to Reach lode and Wicken Fen and a chance to explore before leaving the Cam and heading back to Ely and a continued exploration of the rivers, Lark, Little Ouse and Wissey.

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