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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Back to Ely

After my lack of sleep on Sunday night, care of the noisy arrival of the narrowboat Savannah Breeze and it's crew of numpties, last night was destined to be an early night.  Aided by a sleeping tablet I stayed in a comatose state until gone eight this morning and gradually shuffled into life by late morning.  The plan was turn the boats and head back into Ely for a couple of days before venturing off to explore the River Lark.

 Joe has winded Yarwood and is heading off towards Ely while I am off to collect Jill and Graham's car and drive it to Ely and a date with Tesco's.

Yarwood and MR nestled together in Ely

As soon as Jill and I had completed our respective food foray's we called the men to find where they had moored the boats.   And here they are, breasted up again just short of the water point.

After walking the dogs I went off to find a hairdresser that could fit both myself and Jill in for a trim, or a wet-trim even.
 The best price was £26. 
Then £29, followed by £36.    
I will continue to cultivate my MOP-LOOK for a little longer I fear...


  1. We tried to get in there yesterday but there was not enough space so we ended up on the EA moorings down the Lark. No sign of life when we passed you.
    We are now at Littleport opposite the Swan

    1. Brian
      Have you eaten at Judes Ferry? We have visitors on Saturday and wondered about suitable eateries???

  2. Hi Lesley

    I assume these prices were for the two of you.??? I currently pay £17.50 for a cut on dampened hair, and blow dry finish and think that's a bit rich. He takes about 15 minutes to do this.

    Interesting to work out his hourly charge at that showing eh?

    Evelyn B

  3. Hi Evelyn
    Those prices are for just one haircut! We have now found a salon that will do a wet cut for£14.50....result!!!!


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