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Friday, 20 July 2012

Cambridge day two

Yesterday was a much of nothing day.  Himself was creating havoc in the engine room and back cabin post breakfast... it looked like havoc and mayhem to me.
He said he was investigating the engine wiring because he is about to add a water temperature gauge he has just bought.
It still looked like havoc to me.
So leaving him to his delusions I  went into the City to post a parcel.  I was returning my Satmap Active 10 , a GPS mapping device that I bought in February, got out of the box to set up two days ago to find that it was faulty.   I emailed Satmap and they were straight back to say that they were aware of a batch that had this fault and to return the device for repair; no sooner said than done.
I then took the dogs out for a walk that turns into a pedestrian-bicycle challenge.  I daren't let the dogs off a lead for fear of them being mown down by a speeding cyclist or having speeding cyclist off of their bike.  Katie Melua could so easily sang about Cambridge rather than Beijing, '9million bicycles in Cambridge , it's fact...'
In the evening we took ourselves off to have a pizza and ended up at  La Margherita where two freshly made pizzas and a bottle of house white hit the spot.  And Friday, with our 48hr visit up, we will water and service the boats and head out of Cambridge yet again.


  1. Good to note Cambridge has not changed, I was based there nearly 40 years ago, and on the CB radio it was known as 'Cycle City' even in those days there were bikes everywhere, I think that it is the probhitive costs of parking in the City that turns everyone to bikes (along with the fact that Cambridge is, shall we say 'not well endowed' when it comes to hills. Keep up the very enjoyable blogs.

    Beardy Chas

  2. Hi Beardy Chas
    I understand that college students are contracted not to bring a car within five miles of their college so bike riding is essential. The cyclist is really well catered for and all ages, sizes and types utilise the cycle and seem pretty considerate and well mannered on the whole. As you say, high parking fees are an effective disincentive to car users a swell.
    I am glad you enjoy my ramblings..thank you.


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