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Saturday, 20 April 2013

And the other side...

At seven thirty yesterday morning we set off along the canal towards the nearest winding hole to turn Yarwood so that Himself could paint the gunwales on the port side - suggestions that he dangle from the cabin top were not finding fertile ground...

Two hours later and five point two miles of walking for the dogs and I we arrived back at our starting point and while Joe set to with a will on his appointed task I prepared lunch.

 Winding (turning) the boat

 Wind completed and he's off again
 A man with a mission..

 Leaving Joe to paint I went off again with the dogs walking yesterday's walk but in the opposite direction.
 The remains of the medieval farming strips seen in this sheep pasture

Almost all the land in these parts still bare the marks of the medieval ridge and furrow strip system of farming where the land in the Manor was divided in strips of, I think,  an acre each.   Serf or Freeman, your 'strips' were scattered about the manor lands so nobody got all the good land or all the poor.

A map showing the strips, common land and woodland of a medieval manor

Braunston church,  from my vantage point in the fields to the west.

And out yesterday I made the acquaintance of these little guys
What type of sheep is this?
and a very sociable Kune Kune pig ( I think)


  1. Wozie nb Oakfield20 April 2013 at 13:49

    I think those are Jacobs Sheep. I like reading your blog btw as you travel far and wide.

  2. Thank you Wozie both for the information on the sheep breed and the compliment re my ramblings!

  3. Lesley, as the font of all knowledge narrow boating is it winding as in winding a clock up or winding, as burping the baby? Just curious! Paint job is looking good.

  4. Amanda
    'Font of knowledge' is not an appellation I can lay claim to on anything and certainly not narrow boating.... The perceived wisdom is that 'winding' is as per beating an infant rather than the working of a clock. It seems to me that either could apply really..
    X Lesley

  5. I have always used the term, "Turneyround place" I think you'll find that is the technical phrase.

  6. Lisa
    It shall be recommended to The House forthwith!!

  7. Excellent "turn of phrase"


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