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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Another stress filled day

What a difference a day of sunshine makes to nature and to 'human nature'.  Yesterday we enjoyed wall to wall sunshine and after the trek to Tesco' s was accomplished, out came the brass cleaning kit and I set to with a will.   Floyd joined me on the tug deck (such a useful little chap he is...not) as I polished but progress was a bit limited as everyone that passed by stopped to chat and I had to oblige didn't I,  you could hardly ignore everyone...
I gave in eventually and settled for sitting on the deck drinking a chill glass of vino and cuddling the persistent and demanding Floyd.

This morning we set off towards Newbold to fill with water and get rid of rubbish and maybe find a mooring as Joe wanted to go into Rugby.  No mooring to be had so we moved onwards through Newbold tunnel and on into the countryside again.

 These little beauties have come out to play in the last couple of days.
 Vibrant aren't they?

 Walking the towpath towards Rugby somebody had pulled this out of the canal overnight and deposited it on the path.

 It is smothered in freshwater mussels
 I don't know what these plants are but they have also sprung up overnight it seems

 The plant structure is very intricate and quite stunning though I suspect it is a an unwelcome addition to the canal side.
 On the water point at Newbold.
We arrived at Newbold to find another boat watering and giving the side of their boat a quick wash down. They kindly offered us the use of their hose but I said 'we were not in a hurry, finish what you are doing, I'll put the kettle on.'
We were soon watered anyway and on our way again. Not long afterwards we moored up at Tuckey's Bridge and with a full water tank and oodles of hot water from the short cruise we enjoyed  long a luxurious showers before I prepared lunch.  Thereafter it was the Daily Politics Programme on Beeb2,   a bit of cleaning, a bit of reading and then walk the  dogs again.
How do I cope with this stress??

 Tonight's mooring at Tuckey's Bridge


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose24 April 2013 at 19:27

    Just caught up with your last few blogs - glad to see communication between you and Joe is still as good as ever....bridge 41 was it....duh....? xx

  2. We stopped there last year, are you just near that garden full of ducks? About two thousand of them, and their mess?
    Happy cruising,

  3. Your unknown plant is Butterbur. According to folklore, so called as the leaves were used to wrap butter.
    I had to look it up as we have been seeing a lot of it along the K&A too.

  4. That plant's got me intrigued - could it be this one - Giant Butterbur?


    This programme is quite useful, though you do need a lot of information before it can make a stab at an identification:


    Let's see what other people come up with! Now I'm off to identify a wild flower I found in my garden today :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  5. Lesley it's called Butterbur. It's coming a bit late this year probably held back by the cold. It is usually one of the first things to spring up after Winter.

    Fancy not finding the little path straight in to Tesco trolley park from the Rugby moorings- 2 minutes...SIMPLES!

    Evelyn and Graham


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