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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day of rest, play and waxing..

Today was designated a day off from cruising. 
This mooring just on the outskirts of Congleton is so lovely it would have been almost a crime not to stay another and enjoy it.    So, after a lazy start I took the dogs down the into the Dane Valley below the high embankment and aqueduct that take transport the canal across the valley here I just let them play, no long walks just fun and games chasing each other about, jumping in and out of the crystal clear river and playing tug of war with their toy. 

 View of the viaduct that takes the railway line across the valley

 Playing chase in the river
 In places the river is sufficiently deep to afford a bit of swimming...Floyd retrieves his squeaky toy

 The sun has been out so here come the spring flowers
 A bank of primroses
We spent just over a hour in the valley bottom and shared it with no one but the birds.  I saw my first swallow this year and then wrens, grey wagtails and woodpeckers nesting. 

On returning to the boat I got out the wax and gave the port side a wax and polish while Joe gave the tunnel bands on the stern a scrub.  Other than that, not much achieved.  The fire has been re-lit as today has stayed dry but cooler than yesterday and we have all been  in front of it this afternoon watching a DVD of Life on Mars - well Joe and I watched the goggle box, the dogs just slept.


  1. If you like your Life on Mars, have a look at this 'book'. A very tongue in cheek read, but it will appeal to your sense of humour.


    I still work with a few from that era !!!!

    1. Joe is on to it John. We missed Life on Mars but loved Ashes to Ashes so Himself went and bought the box set of the former which are slowly making our way through.
      X Lesley

  2. It doesn't get better than that does it? Lovely to see Fletcher back to his normal good health xx Jill

    1. Hi Jill
      Agreed this is a lovely mooring and having MR. Big back enjoying life again has plastered a smile on our faces for sure.
      X Lesley


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