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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Rivers, Viaducts, Mills and Miscellaneous..

We moored yesterday on the high canal embankment overlooking the Goyt Valley close to New Mills on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border. There is an excellent linear country park through the valley bottom and many people were out taking advantage of yesterday's unexpectedly fine weather.  Things were not so pleasant today as far as the weather went but by late morning the rain appeared to have passed through, Joe had gone of to catch a train into Buxton, so I set out to do a more extended walk with the two dogs.

The view from the canal embankment looking towards New Mills featuring one of the Viaducts
There is a public footpath leading down the hillside to the valley bottom from the towpath near bridge 29. Once at the bottom a gated footbridge takes you across the R. Goyt and leads you around some farm buildings and sheep pasture and back to a riverside path. 

 One of my Misc. shots, a Canada Goose and her clutch of eggs

 These little people out for some fresh air with their nursery class had stopped to see the lambs and the lambs had obliged by running across their pasture to see the children...cue very gleeful children!

 There are a number of Llamas kept in the same field and here be one

 And here be number two

 Wild garlic now in flower
Olympic Stick Throwing tag team...
Joe throws the stick into the river, Fletcher retrieves it

Stick retrieval,  Simples
As you approach the town of New Mills, following the route of the Goyt river you enter a deep gorge of Sandstone and Gritstone known as The Torrs.  It is in the gorge that Mill construction was undertaken, the first mills being water powered.  Mill building started in 1788 and in 1810 there were 9 Cotton Mills, 3 Weaving Mills and more than 3 Printworks.    The mills were later  converted to steam power, plenty of water and coal seams nearby to facilitate the change. 
The town was served by the Peak Forest Canal and at one time, three Rail lines.
 To celebrate the Millennium in 2000 a stunning walkway was erected that takes you through part of the gorge high above the level of the river; details here Millennium Walkway New Mills Derbyshire

 Sections of the gorge sides are set aside for climbers to use
 He was about 80 feet up...
rather him than me thank you

 Another Viaduct and mill race

The remains of another race?


  1. Replies
    1. And deservedly so, I love it around here hence wanting to linger rather than dash through. We are thoroughly enjoying this revisit of the Macc and PF canals!
      X take both

  2. This looks stunning Lesley. Fab photos as per usual.

    1. Hi A
      The countryside around New Mills is lovely and worth the time an overnight stop affords to have a look. The PFC gives you access to some great lovely uplands. A land where 'hand brakes' are essential not optional extras like Norfolk...
      X Lesley
      PS. Glad you enjoyed the photo's..

  3. Did those Llamas spit at you?

    1. They most certainly didn't Lisa, these were impeccably behaved and just posed beautifully. They were quite interested in Floyd who was equally entranced by them of course.
      X Lesley


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