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Friday, 11 April 2014

Moving out, moving up

We were on the move this morning by 7.15am pulling away from our mooring overlooking the lovely Dane Valley.  It was a bit misty and crisp but the sun was already putting in an appearance and although I set off in sweatshirt and body warmer I was soon exchanging the sweatshirt for a short sleeved tea shirt!

The mist burnt off quickly and the views as we made out way north towards the base of the Bosley lock flight were glorious.

 Watch-cow viewing the canal and in the field behind...

 The real thing

 The 'Cloud' draped...in cloud

 Another shot of The Cloud

 Our first lock, only eleven more to go.
Arriving at the base of the Bosley locks a boat pulled away from its mooring and headed off to start its ascent ahead of us;
I ended up turning (emptying) ten out of the twelve locks as we followed Nb. Grey Dog up the flight.

 A bit of leakage here...
 Yarwood on her way

 Nb. Owl on his way to Ellesmere Port for the Easter Gathering
 Floyd amusing himself with a stick while he waits for me to get another lock sorted

 A quick dip for both dogs
 A quick shake
 Nb. Ivy a wooden narrowboat

 A little bit of power as I operate the swing bridge at Oakgrove..electronic/hydraulic.. easy
 Different thing with the manual swing bridge at Broadhurst...boy did I struggle to get that bitch open

 Yarwood goes through and I then struggle to close the damn thing and recover my key

 Looks innocent but don't believe it...
End of our cruise today and this evenings mooring at Danes Moss
By Danes Moss Joe had had enough so we moored up looking forward to our lunch..an apple. 
It's 'skinny day' today (fast day) so tonight's meal has been ratatouille and no vino but tomorrow will take ourselves into Macclesfield and perhaps have a curry..

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  1. I love your blog post and how the individual photos tell a different story each on their own. It must be loads of fun moving out and moving up the canals with your loved ones, travelling to a different place each day. You do not get to experience that here in the city. I sense your life to be ever-changing with a different weather every day and meeting new people (and animals) along your journey. It is great following your blog posts and hope you are enjoying your journey too.


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