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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Up the Downs, again.

It's Sunday so a lazy start today (not that different to any other day really), finished reading yesterday's newspaper, Maria Miller is apparently not likely to keep her job much longer, had a cooked breakfast cooked by Himself, very nice too, caught up on what is happening in blog-land and then I kitted up and took the boys out  leaving Joe in domestic mode doing laundry, vacuuming etc.
I took the dogs off for an extended, but gentle walk, given Fletcher's current condition.  We headed up on to Barlaston Downs, now owned by the National Trust but formerly land that grew hops for Stone's Joules brewery.  It is a wooded glacial valley with a stream running through the centre and the dogs were ecstatic when they discovered the wet stuff...
Labradors, FOOD, water, FOOD and some more water...heaven!

 Downs Stream
 Play ground - Floyd

Then, back up the hill and back to Yarwood
I have just prepared a roast dinner, joint in the oven, veg ready to go and I am sitting in the back cabin typing this and listening to Sounds of the Seventies with Johnny Walker...a glass of wine would go down well now so if you will excuse me...

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  1. Aren't Sundays so fabulous and special on a narrowboat... glug, glug! :)


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