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Thursday, 17 April 2014


After a couple of days at Higher Poynton it was time to move on so as we were up at the crack of dawn we slipped under the bridge on to the water point and topped the tank. The early start must have helped because there was some water pressure unlike when NB. Festina Lente filled the previous day and took an hour and a half to do so.

 Braidbar Boats have two fit-outs under way but the reason I took the shot was because of the paint job on Nb. Carina.  This boat has been painted by Andy Russell and the quality of the finish is simply stunning!

 As soon as we had filled with water off we go towards Marple.  Our experience of Marple from some five years ago were that the moorings are limited so we thought to look for a spot before the services because we know there is nowhere after that point.

 Goyt Mill looms over the canal as you enter Marple a fine relic of an industrial past long gone.  The Mill spun cotton and was built in 1905.  It operated until 1960 and in its hay day employed almost 500 people operating approximately 127,000 spindles.
Passing the mill we start to look for a mooring but no joy.  We press on to the offside service block and empty the nasties and top up the water again.  Fortunately of the three occupied moorings opposite the services one of them is occupied by Nb. Festina Lente and they are moving off to Bugsworth, result! 
Joe and Andy complete a bit of boat ballet and we swap places.

Boats swapped, Yarwood tucked into the space between two other boats and Festina Lente on the services getting ready to go off to Bugsworth.
We have had a wander around the town and got some money out of a hole-in-the-wall and tonight I am promised a Chinese takeaway from a place we tried with Jill and Graham years ago.  Salt an Chilli prawns coming up!


  1. 12 months on and Andy will be painting (and re-naming) us. How exciting !!!

  2. You have chosen one of the best..Have you finalised your livery or is it a moving feast still?

  3. Replies
    1. Loud and clear Lesley !! We might manage a splash of red on the handrail !!


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