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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Up to Barlaston

Joe popped up into Stone first thing to get our Saturday newspaper - my crossword fix - and some crusty rolls for breakfast and with our fast not just broken but 'smashed' we set about getting ourselves and the boat ready for the off.  It was while I had my head in the washing machine rummaging with his unmentionables that there came knock at the door...Joe answered to find Ness of Nb. Balmaha who we haven't seen in an age, or perhaps two, standing there large as life.  Ness and husband Mo  used to be prolific and very amusing bloggers but decided about a year ago to abandon blogging which was a great loss to Narrowboat blogs and their readership.   Ness was just off to do some shopping, leaving Mo aboard Nb. Balmaha suffering a nasty case of flu, not the infamous ManFlu variety but the REAL thing!   We had a  catch-up with each others news and plans etc. before Ness went off to get food and we pulled pins and set off on today's cruise. A real treat to see her.

 Nb. Caxton and Nb. Ferndale
Heading for the water point and first lock we pass a couple of boats belonging to last night's drinking buddies, both boats are owned by Aussies... We have Nb. Caxton, Paul and Elaine and Nb. Ferndale, Ray and Diane.

 On the water point below Star Lock.
In front of the water point and on the lock landing was a boat moored up, Nb. Muffler, its crew had gone off shopping in the town.  What can you say?

 In Star lock and we had an Aussie send off from Diane and Paul..
 Every lock was against us bar one on our trip out of town
 And here we have Nb. Balmaha. Mo and Ness popped their heads out to speak to us as we went through - not too much speaking from Mo as he had lost his voice!

 Yarwood in Meaford Road lock
Moored at Barlaston.


  1. We've been wondering where the Balmaha crew were - we last saw them around March/April last year in Peterborough just after you went through and they came across The Wash with No Problem.
    Glad my big soldier continues to improve Jill xx

  2. Jill
    I don't think we had seen Mo and Ness since Kilby Bridge so it was a real treat.
    Fletcher has beaten the worst of the snake bite off and has now dropped down to half a dose of steroids for the next five days followed by a dose every other day for another five days.
    Not long now before you will be invading Belgium...
    X Lesley

  3. HI Was trying to catch you when you were moored up at Market Harborough. Could you please tell me what paint you use on your roof and decks. I have seen you repainting it on previous posts and not sure if its raddle or not. As it always looks nice in the pictures..My email is steve.robinson99@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks Steve

    1. Steve
      I have replied to your email address but just to confirm, it is raddle.


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