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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Four Lanes End

So where was I ..?
Marple if I recall.  We had planned to stay in Marple Wednesday and Thursday and move on Friday but after servicing the boat on Friday ahead of leaving, the heavens opened, and they seriously opened with a biblical style deluge!  So, we wimped out and found an alternative mooring and stayed in town yet another night.  Come Saturday morning though we were up and out and moving south  before the world woke up.
 Here we go, farewell Marple
 And then tramping along the towpath you come across this...an abandoned porti potti left by some scum bag that unfortunately is a fellow boater.  How shameful is that?
 We were only planning to move down towards Bollington, mooring at bridge 25 just north of the town and staying put for the weekend however I spotted a lovely mooring on rings at Four Lane Ends by Lyme View Marina and signalled Joe to pull in. 

Moored for the weekend
Miners Arms Four Lane Ends
Just along the lane from our mooring was The Miners Arms so off we went with the dogs for a pint of real ale and a packet of pork scratchings for the boys.  Friendly and welcoming but a pub that doesn't know how to serve real ale - too cold, far too cold, real ale should not be treated like a pint of  Fosters or Carlsburg -  so we decided that Sunday Lunch would be somewhere else and we knew just the place..


  1. We regularly use those moorings at Four Lane Ends, great mooring. :)

  2. Hello Hadar
    Yes we agree it proved to be a lovely spot but then the Macc has so much to recommend it!


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