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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Woods, Moors and Plebs

We have stayed at Higher Poynton for another night which has given me the opportunity to head for Lyme Park again and explore other areas.  I headed for a summit that was cloaked in a magnificent stand of beech trees; it was just so nice to be in a wood.  The wood was walled to keep out the deer so you accessed through bolted tall gates or you climbed over the walls using these oak ladders.  As I approached the first ladder I was a bit concerned that I was going to be providing a fireman's lift for a certain dog...fortunately the wall builder had taken pity on me and other dog walkers and provided a dog friendly access alongside the ladder.

Perfect for Floyd
Woodland path
Moorland path
Either, a Wood Lark or a Sky Lark, I am not sure but I was still pleased to see and photograph the wee beastie
Arriving back a Yarwood after a two hour tramp we decided to head for the Boars Head and a pint.
Boars Head Higher Poynton, real ale and dog friendly..
and while we were here I though a lunch might just hit the spot so..

thanks to Sue of Nb Festina Lente for her inspiration,  she told me she had enjoyed this yesterday, a Pleb (sorry Police Fed) lunch of Ham Egg and Chips!!!  The dogs enjoyed the ham but the egg and chips were lovely!


  1. The wee beastie is a Skylark....lovely pic.

  2. Thank you little Lumix TZ40!
    The boaters/ bloggers camera of choice.


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