Friday, 13 July 2012


It is coming to end of my week in Essex with Mother and as her cleaner is off on holiday sunning herself in Eggwipte ( that would be Egypt  but Eggwipte in my family since my Great Grandmother mispronounced the word when her son, my Grandfather, was there in the first World War) and so I have been pressed into servitude today. 
Whilst Herself was off having her hair done I was washing floors, doing the laundry and preparing lunch.  I got my revenge post lunch though by engaging Mater in a bit of brass cleaning.   

This assortment of toot brass and its cleaning was always part of my childhood, Mum wielding the Brasso and us kids the polishing cloths.    Some of this brass  has been in the family since 1924, almost ninety years now, when it was bought at the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley.

Well no rest for the wicked, I'm off to tackle the ironing, then walk the dogs before prepping high tea for her ladyship...bless her.

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  1. Hi Lesley

    Thanks for putting me wise re. goose/duck. I was hooting, but I was busy trying to tell the folk at the lock that there was a cruiser coming towards them and not to drop the gate, so I didn't spot you. Will keep a look out
    Cheers Mac


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