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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunarise..early in the morning

In all fairness I was awake...just lying their wondering why I couldn't sleep..
Himself was snoring happily (can you snore unhappily?) which may provide an explanation for my lack of sleep..
I could hear a boat coming towards us and being a nosey awake person I looked out of the porthole and spied Nb. Lucky Duck slipping past us in the early morning mist..at 06.25 this morning. 
Now that is a seriously early start!
The sun is well up by this time but as I got up to let the  dogs off the boat for their early morning piddles (they have now gone back to bed again) I took this shot.

We are promised a lovely sunny day today so the BBQ will be resurrected, the chairs found in the depth of the hold and who knows, a bit of brass cleaning perhaps?


  1. I cant sleep either - so have been writing up my posts for the Stover Canal! Off for Newbury Canal Festival tomorrow. Have a great day. Andy

  2. There must be something in the air, because I am not sleeping either, I was a wake at 1.45am this morning, listening to the other half sleep, wishing I was doing the same thing. Have a good weekend x

    1. Hi Jo
      I'm not sure about the 'something in the air' it might be the snoring 'boy in the bed' that is the cause...
      Weekend weather lovely here in Fenland and hoping you are enjoying the same in Derbyshire!

  3. Re. your pet hate no. 12... Surely newspaper choice is an excellent guide to an individual's views/political outlook/level of interest in celebrities. Why would anyone read a newspaper they disagreed with or didn't enjoy?


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