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Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunday into Monday

With the sun out on Sunday out came the walkers and cyclists and boats and things were quite busy along this stretch of canal.  The close proximity of the lovely Middlewood Way, the disused railway line running between Macclesfield and Marple  that is now used as a walk/cycle/ bridleway, introduces the opportunities for a number of circular walks/rides and plenty of people were taking advantage including myself and the dogs.  We went off and joined the Middlewood way and turned south towards Bollington.

She's pointing the camera at us again Floyd

 A gentle low level stile....unless you are

Floyd, my special needs dog who doesn't often engage what little brain he has and can not work out what to do when faced with an obstruction like this.  I had to walk back to rescue him as he was shouting the odds at being left to deal with this himself!

 Along the stretch into Bollington the County Council have provided an upper level path that keeps dog walkers separate from cyclists...how thoughtful.

 Nb. Festina Lente crossing the Bollington aqueduct and approaching Clarence Mill

Arriving in  Bollington I rejoined the canal, climbing the long steep steps up the embankment on to the towpath.  At the top I spied Andy and Sue on Nb. Festina Lente  just approaching the aqueduct on their way through.  Catching them up as I walked the towpath back to Yarwood I called a greeting and we arranged to meet up for a drink.  The Windmill Inn is only a short walk from bridge 25 and it serves real ale and good food so we arranged to meet there for a pint, or was it two, of Doombar. Surprisingly, the Windmill is also dog friendly so a double bonus!

 Joe outside the Windmill taking a compass reading for the TV aerial

 L-R Sue, Andy and Joe who has just learnt it is his round... (joke Joe)
We had a lovely couple of hours doing what boaters do...talk and we rounded it off with a cuppa aboard Yarwood.
 This chap was my neighbour Sunday evening
 Mr Hare...lovely eyes

 In the next field were these long wool sheep, any ideas what breed they are?
 I am being educated about breeds of cattle thanks to Adam Henson on BBC's Countryfile on a Sunday evening but I am not too clever when it comes to sheeps..
So now into Monday..
The first job was to see if we could sort a postcode for a possible Tesco delivery and when that was achieved I set to with the old Ipad to order supplies which are due delivery tomorrow morning. That done we had a word with Andy who was moored where we need to be for the Tesco man and as he prepared to move off he called Joe and we brought Yarwood and jumped into Nb. Festina Lente's vacant mooring, a bit like hot-bedding

 Off goes Andy on Festina Lente
 And Yarwood fits neatly in ready for tomorrows BIG SHOP!
This is Michelle of Nb. Just Imagine and her rescue dog, Libby the Lurcher.  As of today we are neighbours and we have spent a pleasant half hour chatting over the garden fence so to speak and getting to know this little beauty who has not had a good start in life.  Progress was made today when Libby decided that I was to trusted and so were Fletcher and Floyd; so another step in the road to a rescue dog's rehabilitation.  
Michelle reads ALL the blogs and I hope that she might be joining us in blogland some time very soon..
What do you say Michelle?


  1. I think it is probably a Lincoln Longwool ram. See if you agree...http://www.ukagriculture.com/livestock/livestock_breeds.cfm?strBreed=Lincoln%20Longwool&strLivestock=Sheep&Display=Yes

    1. Maybe but I am not sure. These sheep are all polled, is that the correct term? - and the Lincoln isn't so maybe they are another breed. We need Ed I thinks...
      X Lesley

  2. Angora goats Lesley. David knows nothing about sheep except they practice dying regularly...although he did deliver twin lambs the other day.

    1. Spot on Amanda, they are Angora goats I have just looked them up on the WWW and can confirm that is the beastie!
      X Lesley


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