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Wednesday 26 March 2014

A response from Napton Narrowboats re speeding boat

This morning I received an e-mail from Napton Narrowboats about the photo I sent them yesterday of one of their customers acting like a plonker..
Here it is:


Thank you very much for sending us the picture of Grace. Strangely enough our customer on Grace called up yesterday to advise that somebody had taken a picture of them, but they weren't sure why!
The customers have been boating before and we do make sure that, in our BMF accredited handover procedure, they are reminded about the speed limit and the wash created by the boat.
I called our customer this morning and she was very apologetic, obviously not realising that they were going quite so fast. Although the stern wave is quite large, there is very little bow wave, so I stressed the point about keeping an eye on the wave created behind the boat as they cruised along, and how the waves created will vary with the depth of water, not just the speed.
Many thanks again for letting us know, as the boat is out on a three week trip. So an early complaint about speed will be a great modifier of their behaviour for the rest of the trip.

Well done Howard !


  1. They have been known to go out and reclaim a boat following complaints about the hires behaviour ,


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