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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Up, Up and away

Yesterday morning we were blessed with  beautiful sunshine and blue skies as we pulled pins and headed the mile to Foxton junction and services before setting off up the 10 lock flight. 

 The boys are off already
 And having worked Yarwood through the first of the swing bridges I play catch up to get ahead of Joe and Boat to the next swing bridge before the junction.
 We moor up on the water point and Joe deals with the cassettes and rubbish while I go to the local shop to get tea bags --WE HAD RUN OUT! - luckily I had a packet of leaf tea so not all was lost.

 Bridge 61 and the 'road' to Leicester
We worked up the locks in 50 minutes but no photo's as I was too busy locking - and talking to the volunteer lock keeper...  At the summit we checked the fire and then headed off towards the Laughton Hills and moored at Bri 51 by 2pm.   Lunch was an apple, skinny day today (fast day), then I set off with the dogs towards Husbands Bosworth to return a book to Ed and Jane at Croft Farm.
 Last nights mooring, Laughton Hills
It took me an hour to walk along the canal to Husbands Bosworth tunnel where I took the path over the tunnel to Croft farm which straddles the tunnel.  The sun had gone to bed by now and we walked through hailstones and rain both ways arriving back at the boat at a little after 4pm.  The condition of the towpath is very, very poor in places as you can see evidenced in the photo's below.

The mud was OVER my walking boots through this section and in other places the path had slipped into the canal so the going was treacherous. 

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