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Sunday 23 March 2014

Sunday at Shugborough and Cannock Chase

Essex Bridge.. the ancient packhorse bridge over the River Sow, a tributary of the mighty River Trent, that gives access to the Shugborough Estate
 The facade of Shugborough Hall, originally home to the Anson family but surrendered to the National Trust in the 1960's in leverage against Death Duties/Tax.  I must admit I have just a weeny bit of sympathy for the landed gentry in view of death duties...especially as those duties are now being applied to extremely modest estates now...

 Same again but in 'technicolor'
 This little chap is newly arrived in the big world and still damp from his dams ministrations

 And here is Mum, an English Longhorn
 Our lovely weekend mooring
 Shugborough Hall from the boat
 Off on yet another walk
 Up on to Cannock Chase, 26 square miles of loveliness
 We were up there today in sunshine and hailstone showers and almost the only people we met were cyclists.   The last time I was here was January 2010, we were iced in at Great Haywood Junction along with Nb. Matilda Rose, Nb. Moore to Life and Nb. Rock & Roll.

 Stepping Stones
 And then the sun shone...wow!

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