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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Into Braunston

We set off yesterday morning for Braunston, watering at the junction on the Leicester Arm before making the right hand turn on to the Grand Union proper.

 Our first use of one of these new standpipes

 Making the turn onto the GU

 There by the entrance (portal) of Braunston tunnel, Joe will be taking Yarwood through and the dogs and I will be going up and over the top, the same way the tow horses, donkey's and mules would have gone in the early days of the canals and in those days, the boats would have been 'legged' through of course.

 The track over the top

 Over the summit and dropping down to rejoin the canal, Braunston mill and church clearly to be seen.
 We arrive as Yarwood emerges from the tunnel
 And we are joined by Arcangel, a converted 1918 BCN day boat, for the trip down through the six Braunston locks

 Yarwood exiting a lock followed by Arcangel
Hanging around waiting for Karen and I to get the lock ready
Once moored up we went up into the village for some provisions and a pint.  We have a meeting with Wharfhouse Narrowboats this morning then we will be heading off towards Hillmorten. 

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