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Monday 31 March 2014

Fletcher in the wars

We have had a bit of a blip this weekend. Having travelled to Essex to celebrate Mother's Day, or as my Mother insists, Mothering Sunday, we had to find a vet yesterday, urgently.  Fletcher had been stung, or as it turns out, bitten by a viper on Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday he was a very unhappy boy and obviously needed medical attention so we found a Vet providing out of hours services and drove into Southend with him.  He was kept in the animal hospital overnight, having had his blood tested to determine if there was any damage to his internal organs he was then put on a drip, given strong pain killers, anti- histamine and anti-biotic.  We will know at lunchtime today whether we rescue him and bring him home or whether he needs to stay in hospital another night. Fingers crossed he is well enough today to rejoin his 'pack' today.


  1. Oh no, poor Fletcher, I hope that he’s ok and that he can come home soon. What an awful thing to happen - I didn’t know we had vipers in the UK!

  2. Hi Lesley
    So sorry to hear about Fletcher. Hope he soon recovers.
    Bob June And Jimmy

  3. Awwww Fletcher. Get well soon mate.

  4. Hope all is well, get well soon Flecher Luv Hoobie, Beryl Dave,
    Nb Sokai

  5. Oh poor Fletcher, do hope he's O.K. & soon well enough to come home. He must have surprised that Adder!

  6. Poor Fletcher! Good job you weren't on the boat and in the middle of nowhere when it happened. Hope he is on the mend soon and you have him home. xxx

  7. Aggggh! I just had a message from Jill to say that Fletcher is going to be OK.. I didn't know what she was talking about!

    Thankfully my internet connection was just good enough to get here and see.

    Gosh what a shock, I do hope he improves quickly. That is the scary thing with the dogs mooching around the undergrowth.

    Unusual to get a snake bit this time of year normally it is in August that the snakes get angry.

    Thinking of you


  8. Any news on the old fellah? We were looking forward to meeting up with you all now we're in Stone.

  9. Thank you everyone. Fletcher has posted an update and a thank you to you all. He is home and recovering though we have to keep an eye to ensure his symptoms start to diminish or it will be another urgent visit to a vet. As it stands he has a follow-up visit with a vet in Stone tomorrow and the two surgeries have been in contact with each other already.
    Thank you again

  10. Gawd I didn't even think about that in the UK, back in Oz it is not uncommon and usually fatal!
    Give him a big kiss from us

    1. I think it is fatal here in quite a few cases..he is being closely monitored in case there are any secondary compilations though so not entirely out of the woods yet. I have just passed on your kiss and got a LOOK!
      X Lesley


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