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Friday 7 March 2014


The dogs and I walked from Welford Junction  to Yelvertoft yesterday, eight miles, while Joe followed on with the boat.  We had set off at ten after the rain had finally stopped and we had done the 'shall we?, shan't we?' shuffle with the decision to go winning out.  En route We came across one ancient unloved boat that had parted with its bow line and was sitting across the cut but I was able to get it back in to the side as Yarwood went through and then tied it to the Armco; I trust its owner will find it still there when he/she returns.

 Just before reaching Yelvertoft I came across these signs on the towpath.  All well and good, free range eggs for sale, though in this instance there were no eggs.

 This however is the accompanying sign and although I understand the angst about theft the rest of the sentiment left me feeling that I wouldn't want to buy eggs from this person anyway..

On arriving in Yelvertoft we filled Yarwood's water tank and got rid of the rubbish before moving off to find a mooring which turned out to be two miles further on at Crick on the 'winter moorings', the unoccupied 'winter moorings' that is.

Moored at Crick

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  1. There weren't any eggs last two times we passed and it was a pain letting Diana off to go and look, I had to back up to the bridge for her to get off.


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